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HAPA is the flagship program of Pedro Martinez Charity, comprising the methodology of Multiple Intelligences as a tool to identify, strengthen and develop the individual talents of our children and adolescents.

This program works with students on their communication and cognitive development.  Also, this program is especially effective in strengthening linguistic and logical mathematical intelligence.

This program works with students on their spirituality.
Its goal is to teach children and adolescents on the Life Manual (Bible), through life principles. METAMORFOSIS prepares students fully for any situation they may face.

This program works with students on their artistic, community, economic, political and cultural development.

The goal is to show children in a fun way the diversity of culture in our country, in order to create in them the need to know their roots and demonstrate the importance of having a national identity.

This program works with students to develop their physical and psychological health, as well as their sportsmanship.

Its mission is to assist the student through therapy interventions, counseling, support and monitoring of development at different stages of childhood and adolescence.

We offer support and care for infants between the ages of 0 to 4 years, which benefits families in the community.

The mission is to care for, stimulate and educate children through recreational activities and early education.

This program works the development of the physical and psychological health of students.
The goal is to help children and teens understand that, as tripartite beings (spirit, soul and body), they must maintain a balance and take care of each aspect.

This program directly supports the welfare and integration of the families represented in our community.

This program works on the interaction of teachers and students. The goal is for every teacher to be a positive influence and role model for each child and teenager.

This external program is offered to people who have the skills and necessary characteristics to be part of our center, and to contribute to the development of the organization.

This external program is offered to students who are required to do community service.

The goal is to capture this group of young people who seek to volunteers and become ambassadors of our center.

This program seeks godfathers of HAPA program that contribute to the continuation, excellence and sustainability of our center.

Its mission of it is to collect human and financial resources needed to sustain and expand our work with children and adolescents and their families.

This is a psycho-educational program that aims to guide parents in the educational process of their children.

This program tries to capture the emotional and extracurricular needs of our students, so they can be working in a targeted manner.