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Pedro Martinez Charity was created by Pedro because of his giving heart. After donating land in 2002, the PMC Charity unofficially launched the program Hay Poder en aprender, or “there is power in learning” in 2007. The program became the life of this community, and each day children would race in the doors to receive education, arts, meals, sports and recreation, and most of all, love. The program continued to thrive, and in 2009 the charity partnered with Major League Basecall and USAID to officially launch the program. They served over 375 children, and they have continued to grow year after year. Due to so much growth, the facility had to be relocated, and new construction and remodeling began to give the community a place where children could thrive for generations to come. From summer camps, field trips, cooking classes, medical drives, toy drives, and musical performances, every activity is for the sole purpose of educating and offering opportunities for children who would never have access to these experiences.

The Community Center is run as a charter school model, including a nursery. The center also includes a volleyball/basketball court, a computer lab, five therapy session rooms, a playground, and a multi-purpose center. We run social values, academics, arts and crafts, sports, holiday celebrations, summer camps, and parenting meetings.
For 10 years, Hay Poder en Aprender has become an incubator for talent development, a happy place for fun and play, an arm to lean on for those who feel adversity and despair, and a healing balm for those who were wounded at such a young age. Parents are made to feel included, as we run our parenting school with workshops and therapy sessions. Our amazing staff includes an Operational Director, five Program Coordinators, four of whom are alumni of the program, a Psychologist, 15 teachers, 25 volunteers, and 5 maintenance crew.

We serve children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years old and our waiting list is growing by the day. Our children have a sense of identity and empowerment because the comprehensive and holistic approach of our curriculum teaches them vocational and life skills.
Most children come from socially and economically disadvantaged households. The PMC Community Center has become their big brother or sister and the support circle that they desperately need.

Our mission is to improve the lives of youth at risk and their families through education, arts, sports, healthcare and life skills, all with a holistic approach.
Our vision is to expand to other parts of the island and empower children and locals with the understanding that knowledge is power.